🎀 Online live group class 🎀

We have online group class once a month for how to make balloon flower.

Contact me through instagram @blossominabubble for class.


Main supplies : 

Sealing machine from Amazon


sealing machine


There are many different type of sealing machines.

But I only use this machine for making a balloon flower.

It has perfect temperature and makes a clean sealing line.   

The numbers are on the side, which means seconds.

Higher number is longer and stronger. So when you push down the cap, it turns on and off automatically.


But even though it's perfect, you have to find your right number and know-how. Thicker vinyl needs a higher number. Our bobo balloon is pretty thin, around 2-4 is fine but you should test it before you use it.

I'll share tutorial video for comparing 2 different machine and how to use sealing machine on Youtube. Feel free to watch it! 






Sealing machine, bobo balloon, inflator, glue gun, scissors, nipper, tape, Artificial flowers, 260 balloon, tissue paper, twist tie, plastic pot, ribbon


-Tools from Amazon

Sealing machine : https://amzn.to/3BNt1qw 

Bobo balloon : https://amzn.to/3C59l1N

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